About Us

About Us

Club History:

Delaware Juniors Volleyball Club is the longest standing volleyball club in the state of Wilmington.  The club was founded in 1982 by longtime University of Delaware Coach Barb Viera whose goal was to grow the sport of volleyball. Since its founding the club has been committed to that goal and has been the home of more than 7,000 volleyball players—more than any other club in the area.  To further support the original goal, the club adopted a “no-cut” policy and ensured that every girl with interest in playing the sport, regardless of skill, had a team to play on.  Meeting the needs of as many girls as possible is in our club’s DNA, but we’ve refined our philosophy to reflect today’s game, and the needs of today’s volleyball players.


Our Values:

Do what’s right for the athlete:

We are here for the benefit of our youth.


Unshakeable sportsmanship:

We win or we lose with grace and dignity, always.


Respect is a MUST:

Have respect for the game, the process, players, parents and coaches.


Enjoy the game

Remember these are children, and that this is just a game. Stay calm and have fun.


At the core of our philosophy is that girls should be placed on the right team. That means a team that is:

·       matches their current and potential skill level

·       is made up of like-minded players, who have similar goals for the club season

·       provides meaningful opportunities for that player to contribute to the success of the team

This is a critical starting point in our philosophy because we are firmly rooted in the belief that volleyball skills improve through playing the game; therefore, we strive to provide each athlete with playing opportunity. This cannot be achieved by placing lesser skilled or more casual players on our most competitive and highly skilled teams.

As a result of our approach at the end of every season players come away with stronger technical skills, a higher level of confidence, and the experience of a meaningful and worthwhile club season.


Why DELAWARE JuniorsVolleyballClub?

Delaware JuniorsVolleyballClub has a range of teams are strong enough to qualify for nationals and select and regional teams that play a competitive club season that includes a mix of single and multi-day tournaments.

Read more about our three types of teams and see which one is right for your athlete.

The club’s leadership team reflects a diverse array of background, experience and skills all designed to ensure the smooth and professional operation of the club.  Check out our leadership team below:

Executive Leadership Team

Rod Gerhart, Director of Facilities

Charlie Tucci, Director of Marketing and Business Development

Calvin Edwards, Director of Legal and Compliance

Ben Lee, Director of Volleyball Operations


Parent Advisory Board

Each season the club establishes a parental advisory board to ensure there are open lines of communication between parents and leadership.


Club Vision


Play Volleyball with Joy.

Everything we do at DELAWARE JuniorsVolleyballClub is about growing the love for the sport and experiencing the joy of the sport.  We believe that when young athletes play with joy that they train to get better, and perform at their best.



DELAWARE JuniorsVolleyballClub has always operated with excellence, but the new leadership team is committed to taking the club to the next level of excellence.

Don’t take our word for it.  Hear from some of our parents

-          Written reviews from 10 parents

Call:              302.318.8002

Email:         tucci@delawarejuniorsvbc.org

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/dejuniorsvbc/


CLUB SEASON 2016 – 2017 (NAV 2)?
The 2016-2017 season promises to be an exciting time for Delaware Juniors.

What Is Club Volleyball?

Club volleyball programs have exploded all across the country. Only 20 years ago, the first AAU National tournament was held and only 20 teams made the trip. In 2012, there were more than 95,000 registered club players in the United States. This incredible growth has been fueled by the overall growth in woman’s sports. There have been more resources allocated to woman’s sports at the collegiate level. As the college programs have prospered, so has the level of play at the club level. Girls as young as 10 years old are starting in the sport. College recruiting for volleyball is done primarily through the club program ranks. Is Delaware Juniors VBC and club volleyball only for the college bound athlete? Certainly not! While our program begins in the fourth grade, college scholarships are often the furthest thing from the minds of our young players. Learning a lifelong sport, making friends, and having fun are often the reason young girls get into volleyball. We are proud of the number of girls from Delaware Juniors VBC who have received college scholarships from colleges. We are equally proud of our athletes who go on to college and play volleyball recreationally and just for fun. The majority of our teams are at the younger level. Many athletes have just been exposed to volleyball and want to enhance their skills to move up on the school teams. Club volleyball is an excellent way to do that. Much of an athlete’s advancement and improvement is still up to the individual. Athletic talent, size, speed and good work habits are all necessary for top success as an elite player. Players who lack in any of those areas have to make up for their deficiency by working harder to improve in another. If you have a sincere desire to improve, then you will probably do well in a club volleyball program. USA volleyball is the governing body for competitive volleyball in the United States. In 1981 it made a commitment to provide opportunities for young players to play outside of their school programs and in 1991 created a division of the USAV devoted exclusively to the Youth and Club volleyball development. USAV operates in geographic regions. Delaware Juniors VBC is part of the Chesapeake Region, which encompasses Delaware, Maryland, eastern West Virginia and northern Virginia. The USAV states that junior volleyball represented “The future of volleyball in the US.” The Club program was created to serve as a major building block for scholastic, collegiate recreational and club to play throughout the country.” Delaware Juniors VBC tries to promote the goals set forth by USA Volleyball. The goal of every player should be to improve one’s skills to enable them to take their game to the next level whatever that level is. We believe that Delaware Juniors VBC has a place for both the elite player and the developing player. Our philosophy allows players of all skill levels to learn, improve, and progress at a pace that will allow them to be successful.