Advanced Club Experience (A.C.E)

What is A.C.E?

The Advanced Club Experience is designed for athletes who are committed to the sport of volleyball, have a desire to work towards the goal of playing at a higher level, and eventually move on to play in college. While this program does not guarantee that the athletes will be recruited to play in college it is designed to give as many opportunities as possible to athletes trying to achieve the goal of playing in college.


The Advanced Club Experience has an expectation of commitment that is not necessarily always available when playing at a lower level. The expectations range from the attitude that players have to the level of participation and presence at all practices and tournaments. Athletes and parents will be required (upon acceptance of an offer) to sign a contract making an A.C.E. commitment. This contract will hopefully show the athlete, parents, coaches, and fellow teammates that each and every person involved is dedicated to reaching the goals set forth by both the program and the team.


What kind of commitment does the A.C.E. Program require?

Each A.C.E. team will practice three nights a week, two hours per night. The overall fee of the program will also include bi-weekly sessions with Speed, Strength and Conditioning trainers. All A.C.E. teams will play a minimum of 10 tournaments with the requirement of either qualifying for USA Junior Nationals or participating in AAU Nationals at the end of their season. With these goals in mind each team will attend National Qualifiers, competitive AAU / JVA tournaments and participate in the Atlantic Coast Power League in addition to regional tournaments.


Why A.C.E?

  • Athletic Trainer On Site
  • Strength & Conditioning training included.
  • Recruiting package provided by
  • Proven Results – ACE teams finished 2nd, 5th and 9th Place in CHRVA Open Regionals, including a 2nd Place and 5th Place at Windy City National Qualifier and 8th Place at NEQ.



  • How do I get on an A.C.E team?
  • Select players will be invited to be on the team or to attend the tryout.
  • Other players are able to tryout at the designated A.C.E tryout.
  • A.C.E tryouts are intended for only those players who have experience and a skill level to compete at a high level.

Can I play other sports?

  • While we cannot and will not force you not to play other sports, keep in mind that A.C.E teams require a complete commitment to the team.

What does my fee cover?

  • Your fee covers everything except your uniform cost and related travel costs. You can anticipate another $1,500.00 - $2,00.00.

What are the benefits of A.C.E teams compared to other club’s teams?

  • Cost LESS and you get MORE
  • Provide 3 days of practice
  • 10-12 Tournaments
  • Atlantic Coast Power League
  • Strength & Conditioning Included
  • Recruiting Services Included
  • The only club with an actual athletic trainer at practices.
  • The only club with a team designated team orthopeadic doctor on call.
  • The only club with our own 6 court facility.