Recruiting Logo White is a recruiting platform endorsed by USA Volleyball as its Official Recruiting Tool. Built with the help of USA Volleyball and the college coaching community, provides players and parents with a suite of online tools that assists them in the recruiting process while maximizing their exposure to college coaches.


Delaware Juniors Volleyball Club has partnered with VolleyballRecruits to support our players who wish to pursue college volleyball opportunities. Team members who sign-up for this program will receive more detailed information.

Players & Parents Log In

College Coaches can access our players via  the below link

or you can send an email to


Player Profile

Your profile is your volleyball resume. It includes every piece of information a college coach will need to know about you, including academic & athletic data. You keep this profile up-to-date at all times. 

Upload Video

There is no limit to the amount of video you can upload. If you need assistance with video editing, you can upgrade your account and we can help you build and edit a professional highlight reel. 

Search Schools

Once your player profile is complete, you are ready to contact college programs! To find schools that fit your criteria, use this feature. It includes every NCAA and NAIA program in the country and can be filtered by size, academic selectivity, region and/or division.

Message Schools

Once you have a list of the schools you would like to contact, simply use the Built-In Messaging System to contact the college coaches from those programs. All of the communication is handled from your account, and any message sent through the platform has an embedded link that takes the college coach directly to your full profile and video. Coaches are given instant access to all of your relevant information and video in one convenient location. They immediately have everything needed to properly evaluate you!

Track Views

Use data and analytics to gauge which schools are showing a real interest in you. Every profile view, video view, message sent and message received is aggregated in one place, so you know at all times where you are seeing traction. Users can also opt-in to receive text message notifications based on activity around their profile and video!