Tryouts 2015-2016

Tryouts 11-5-2015

Thank you to the nearly 250 players and families  that attended tryouts!

Team Fees & Information

Club Teams

Club level teams are developmental in nature.  They are for age’s 10U-14U and are designed to address the needs of the less experienced players.  Playing time is more balanced and the emphasis is on learning basic skills and the basic principles of the game. The goal is for players to be able to understand and have opportunity to improve upon the fundamental skills of the game. Practices are academy style which allows for more experienced coaches to train a larger group of young athletes.

Club teams are not offered past 14’s.

  • Practice  - Twice Per Week (1.5 Hours x 2)
  • Tournaments – Three 1 day regional tournaments

12’s, 13’s & 14’s       $900.00

*** Uniforms are not included in team fees ***

Regional Teams

Regional teams are also competitive, but do not have the goal of attending national competitions at the end of the year.  This level is perfect for the competitive athlete that may not have as much experience in the game as an ACE level player.  It is also appropriate for a multi-sport athlete that does not have the time required of an ACE level player. 

  • Practice  - Twice Per Week (2 Hours x 2)
  • Tournaments – Six 1 day regional tournaments, including CHRVA Regionals

12’s                     $1,700.00

13’s – 18’s          $1,950.00

*** Uniforms are not included in team fees ***

ACE Teams

ACE (Advanced Club Experience)

ACE teams are our most competitive teams. The goal is to prepare the girls to be successful by putting the best team on the court with the best chance of winning. ACE players are given equal opportunity to prove they are the best option for the team to be successful, but are not guaranteed any definite amount of playing “time”.  They are made up of girls with strongest skill level and the desire to train and push themselves to their highest level of play.  Of all levels, this is the most demanding and the commitment is serious. Players and parents who decide to accept an offer for an ACE team will be required to sign a commitment contract at the beginning of the season. Teams will attend a minimum of 12 tournaments consisting of events for the AAU Atlantic Coast Power League, USAV CHRVA Regional Tournaments, and a minimum of one big USAV Junior National Qualifier such as Big South, in Atlanta, Lone Star in Dallas, or the North East Qualifier.  They will also compete at AAU Nationals in mid-June. If the team qualifies for USAV Junior Nationals, the team may attend that in lieu of AAU Nationals.

  • Practice  - Three Times Per Week (2 Hours x 3)
  • Tournaments – Six 1 day regional tournaments, including CHRVA Regionals, Atlantic Coast Power League, 2 multi day tournaments, including a National Qualifier tournament. With the requirement of either qualifying for USA Junior Nationals or participating in AAU Nationals at the end of their season.
  • Strength & Conditioning training included.
  • Recruiting package provided by
  • VERT Wearable Jump Monitor

13’s                     $2,700.00

14’s – 18’s          $2,950.00

*** Uniforms are not included in team fees ***